Due to health problems

This is to inform you that Herminio Quadros Income Tax has permanently closed his office on May 31, 2017.
Your tax preparer Herminio Quadros had a serious medical episode the last week of the income tax season and since then he has not been able to work at his practice. Herminio has had two strokes in a period of six years and both have occurred during tax season. At this moment he appears to be recovering well. His two sons have asked Herminio to retire from the income tax practice because they want him to live as long as possible. The IRS and Franchise Tax Board have been advised of the situation and placed both licenses on inactive status. We have placed all of the office equipment in storage and will wait for Herminio’s spouse, Jim Quadros to make the determination as to what will happen or if anything will happen going forward. Jim is also a licensed and credentialed Tax Preparer authorized by The IRS to prepare federal income tax returns and by The State of California Franchise Tax Board to prepare state income tax returns in California.  Jim hopes to be able to continue with the business he and Herminio built over the last 17 years. This website  http://herminioquadros.com/ will remain active on the internet until Feb. 4, 2018 so you can check periodically for updates on Herminio’s recovery and the situation with the income tax practice.
If you think we have any tax documents that we have to return to you, please use this email address to notify us –   support@herminioquadros.com.